About Us

Welcome to Legal-Ease. At Legal-ease, we offer you a partisan-free perspective on current issues affecting America and beyond, inviting the brightest minds from around Arizona and the country, to politely discuss the things that matter in a Socratic manner. No one will be called names. No one’s beliefs will be mocked. This is our response to recent and biased news content. We are here simply to deliver unbiased and informative discussions about legal matters that affect us all from yours truly, soon to be & current lawyers and journalists, united. While people by nature can never be truly neutral, we can still continue to communicate information through an unbiased fashion. The spin, as it begins, will be easy to follow and fact checked by an ideologically diverse group analyzing a relevant news topic previously explored by other news outlets. We offer you all this without convoluted legalese – which is a word for fancy lawyer talk.

Our intent is to improve discourse and information dissemination in a time of hyper-partisan and poor critical thinking. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been taught that one shouldn’t discuss politics in mixed company. This is foolish and has led to the demise of civil discourse in America. Instead, we should have been taught how to engage in discourse with people we disagree with; with people possessing opposing ideologies. It is never too late to condition ourselves to do this. If that interests you, Legal-Ease is the podcast for you. We believe you are strong, smart, and capable of making up your own mind if only you can be shown a clear picture, undistorted by the hopes of political gain, ratings, or personal fame.

Tune in at the end of every month for the next episode. Topics you'd like us to cover? Send us a private message on our fb page. We hope you enjoy the show!

Founded in December 2016 by Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel.